Frequently Asked Questions

Experienced Nurse Questions

  • Do I need previous pediatric experience?
      Children's welcomes nurses with a variety of backgrounds. We do an excellent job of training the adult nurse to work in a pediatric environment and have true success stories of their transition.
  • Do I need to have previous ICU, operating room or emergency care experience to work in that particular department?
      Each unit has a department-based educator and the experienced nurse will benefit from a customized orientation to teach them a new environment. We regularly work with experienced nurses ready for a challenge and we are able train them to work in one of our specialty areas.
  • Do you have a re-entry nurse program?
      Children’s is very willing to work with re-entry nurses. We have successfully on-boarded re-entry RNs, getting them back into the clinical environment. Children's works closely with Kennesaw State's re-entry program. Nurses have an opportunity to complete a clinical rotation through our facilities to prepare for work in our hospitals.
  • What is your hiring process for nurses?
      We have a very thorough hiring process for nurses that not only helps us find the best employees for the organization, but it also helps you determine if we are the right fit for your career needs. Our nurse recruiters work closely with the departments to schedule face-to-face interviews. We also encourage shadowing in the unit as part of the interview process. This allows you to gain a better understanding of our acuity and volume.

      As one of our screening tools, we have the Pre-Requisite Exam for Pediatrics, or PREP test. This is a knowledge and skill based test geared toward the pediatric patient. This is a requirement for the majority of our areas.