CMNH Dance Marathons

Founded upon the mission statement: "We dance for those who can't," Dance Marathon is a nationwide event involving more than 170 schools and communities who raise money for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Comprised of student communities and volunteer initiatives alike, dance marathons from the University of Georgia, Emory University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Kennesaw State University and Atlanta Citywide raise money of Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. The fundraising year culminates with a 6-24 hour long event. The events involve dancing, entertainment, games and stories from several of Children's miracle families that bring the community closer to their goal of raising money for the kids!

UGA Miracle Dance Marathon (University of Georgia)

UGA Dance MarathonUGA Miracle is one of the largest student-run organizations in the Southeast. On Feb. 23 and Feb. 24, UGA Miracle's 1,200 members raised over $346,000 to benefit Children's! In its 18 years on campus, the organization has raised $3.4 million for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Throughout the year, UGA Miracle members host events such as a Benefit Concert at the Georgia Theatre, a Tour of Homes through the historic sorority houses on campus, a regressive dinner at campus fraternity houses, and a dodgeball and basketball tournament for UGA students. The 19th Annual UGA Miracle Dance Marathon will take place on February 22 and 23 at the Tate Grand Hall.

Emory Miracle Marathon (Emory University)

Dance MarathonThe Emory Dance Marathon began in 2002. As members celebrated their 11th anniversary in April 2012, participants enjoyed a 4 hour dance marathon. The event included music, food, entertainment, stories from CMNH families and a chance to socialize and build a community among the Emory campus. Since its inception, the Miracle Marathon has raised over $150,000 for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta!

GT for the Kids (Georgia Institute of Technology)

The GT for the Kids Dance Marathon is one of the fastest growing student-run philanthropies at Georgia Tech. On March 1, 2013 participants danced around the clock with a 8 hour dance marathon. Dance Marathon members stayed entertained with live performances from 7 Handle Circus and one of Georgia Tech's own student DJs. There was food and team competitions. Raising over $56,000 for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, GT for the Kids continues to grow in participation and funds! 

KSU DM (Kennesaw State University)

KSU Dance MarathonKSU DM wrapped up its fifth year of fundraising for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals on February 16, 2013 with a 12-hour dance marathon. They concluded the year with many great activities like basketball, dodgeball, live music, a comedy show and spending time learning the morale dance. Our 2014 event will be held April 26, 2014. In the past four years, KSU DM has raised more than $54,000 for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.

Atlanta Citywide Dance Marathon

Dance MarathonFounded in 2011, Atlanta Citywide Dance Marathon is the newest dance marathon in Georgia benefiting Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. The philanthropy took place on March 2, 2013 at Callonwolde Fine Arts Center with a 13.1-hour long event where participants stayed on their feet in celebration of the funds raised throughout the year. In their second and final year, Atlanta Dance Marathon raised $16,000 bringing their two year total to more than $47,000.


Dance Marathon Funding

The funds raised from the Dance Marathons at UGA and Emory will benefit the Children’s Rehabilitation services. To support our pediatric patients, Children’s has purchased exercise equipment and a device to evaluate joint injuries for the Children’s Sports Medicine Program, as well as advanced audiology equipment for our speech and language therapists.  Past funds to the Rehabilitation Services department from Dance Marathon have purchased vans to transport patients to field trips and supported the growth and expansion of the Comprehensive Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit.  With the generous donation from the Dance Marathons, Children’s will also fund upcoming camps and reunions for our current and former rehab patients. A special thanks to all of the students who were involved in making such an impact on the lives of our children and their families.

The 2013 funds raised by Georgia Tech and KSU DM benefited the Sibley Heart Center and funds raised from the Atlanta DM benefited the Brain Program at Children's.

On behalf of the patients and families of Children’s, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals thanks the Dance Marathon committee members, their schools, and the many volunteers and sponsors for their continued dedication and contributions.


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Dancers from across the nation get together each year to strut their stuff to raise money for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, which includes Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. See some photos from past marathons from universities around Georgia.