Construction Updates

Your source for the latest construction updates taking place around our North Druid Hills campus.

We spent more than a year collaborating with local leaders, architects, physicians, neighbors, staff and patient families to develop a plan and design for our campus that is transformative for the city, community and our patients.

The first building on the North Druid Hills campus opened in July 2018—the Center for Advanced Pediatrics. It serves some of our most medically complex patients with chronic illnesses. Our administrative offices, the Support Center, opened in 2020. Completion of the Support Center allowed construction of the hospital to begin, and the hospital is on track to begin serving patients and families starting in 2025. Follow along with our latest construction updates below.

Traffic Updates

We know that in order for our campus to work for our patients, it must work for the surrounding community. Our hope is to be the catalyst for traffic improvements, and, because of that, Children’s is investing more than $40 million to accelerate improvements to the North Druid Hills/I-85 interchange, update bike/pedestrian paths, upgrade the I-85 underpass, improve local intersections and much more. At times, our progress at the North Druid Hills campus may affect traffic patterns and access. For more information and updates from the Georgia Department of Transportation, click here.

Stay Informed

We want to keep you in the loop as our project progresses. You can opt in to construction updates below, or contact us with any construction-related questions about the North Druid Hills campus.