Patient Satisfaction

Quality Care
Feedback from Families

We know having a child in the hospital can be scary. We will do everything we can to help you and your child have an excellent, positive experience while at Children's. We always want to meet these three core patient family needs:

  • Heal my child
  • Don’t hurt my child
  • Be nice to me and my child

Some reviews

“When you work at something day after day, you can become immune to the impact it has on people. But I want to thank the staff at Children’s for the positive way they touch so many lives, even through the care of a single child. It is the energy, passion, commitment and profound sincerity of the staff that makes Children’s magical.”
Molly Fletcher, mother

“Children’s has been our family for more than a decade. There is no place better than Children’s in the world.”
Georgia White, mother

“I wouldn’t have gotten through all of [my] emotional and physical issues if it weren’t for the staff at Children’s. They all were so nice and helpful every time I was in the hospital. I loved how the entire staff cared so much for my individual needs. That’s what made it so comforting for me every time I was there, even when I was going through things that were very difficult for a child to experience.”
Amanda MacLellan, patient

“My nurse understood that a kid shouldn’t be in the hospital on her birthday and arranged for my friends and family to be there for me as a surprise. It was amazing.”
Kerrie Zurovsky, patient