Rewind the Future with Strong4Life

Jim's GraduationMeet Jim, the main character in Strong4Life's Rewind the Future video. Jim is a man whose life flashes before his eyes in an instant, unhealthy habits and all.  Haven't seen the video yet? In it, you’ll get a shocking sneak peek into the future to see what life might be like for a child who carries unhealthy habits with him into adulthood.

As an adult, Jim makes his own decisions about what to eat and how much activity to get; however, he learned many of his behaviors as a child. The scenes shown through the video are real examples of what our doctors hear from our patients; these are habits we hope parents will see, identify with and, when ready, take steps to change.

While Jim is merely a character, and his life a dramatization, research by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) shows that Jim's story is hardly an exaggeration of the future our children are facing.  According to the CDC's trajectory, Georgia is on a path to an obesity rate of 53.6 percent by 2030; the highest the state has ever seen.  However, we have time to not only reverse this, but in many cases prevent it.

We may think our kids don't notice when we make unhealthy choices - but they do. As parents, we are the gatekeepers to our children's habits, the first role models they look up to, so it's up to us to set a good example. By making your health a priority, your kids will pick up on it and aspire to be just like you.  For ideas to get your family eating, moving and living healthier, visit