Family Involvement at Camp Strong4Life


The Three Parts of Camp
1. Family Welcome Weekend
occurs in the spring before Camper Week. Here, families learn how to set goals and sustain lifestyle changes. Registration is limited to immediate family members within the household. One parent or guardian must attend this weekend with the camper. Only one Welcome Weekend is required.

2. Camper Week:  Campers and Leaders in Training (LIT) spend one full week in the summer at Camp Twin Lakes where they participate in traditional camp activities like rock climbing and canoeing. Past campers say they are comfortable at camp and feel it is a place where they can be themselves around others struggling with similar health concerns.

3. Family Reunion Weekend occurs in the fall, following Camper Week in the summer. This is a wonderful opportunity to catch up with old friends, learn new ways to improve skills and reinforce lifestyle changes. Families are required to attend one Reunion Weekend.

One parent must attend a Family Welcome and a Family Reunion weekend. Immediate family members are also welcome to attend the weekends. During the Welcome Weekend, parents will learn how to set goals and to sustain lifestyle changes.

Activities will vary from Welcome Weekend to Reunion Weekend, but families will have plenty of time to enjoy camp activities like boating, climbing, archery, fishing and nature walks. Families will also engage in Strong4Life activities with Registered Dieticians, Exercise Physiologists and other health professionals throughout the weekend to learn how to prepare meals, increase nutrition knowledge and better understand how to be more active.

For more information about what to expect at a Family Weekend, read our Parent FAQ sheet.