Frequently Asked Questions about Camp Strong4Life


  • Can anyone attend Camp Strong4Life?

      Camp Strong4Life is for children ages 9-14 with a BMI of 85 percent or greater. We also have a Leader in Training program for ages 15-17 and have a BMI of 85 percent or greater or are former Strong4Life campers.

  • How do I register?
  • Are financial aid and transportation available?
  • Where is Camp Strong4Life held?

      Camp Strong4Life holds events at Camp Twin Lakes Will-A-Way in Winder, Ga, as well as the High Meadows School in Roswell, Ga. Our 2014 camp dates and locations are now available.

  • Where will I sleep?

      Camp features 16 camper cabins which sleep 14 people. The cabins’ unique design provides the opportunity to partition small parts of the cabin for additional privacy. Each cabin has HVAC and is equipped with full bathrooms. Each family will have their own partitioned space within the larger cabins.

      Camper Week: Campers will stay in cabins during camper week according to their gender and age group, along with their cabin counselor. All cabins have HVAC, full bathrooms and sleep 14 people. 

      Volunteers: Volunteers for family weekends will stay in a separate volunteer cabin. During Camper Week, cabin counselor volunteers will stay in their assigned cabins with their campers. All cabins have HVAC, full bathrooms and sleep 14 people. 

  • How much does it cost to send my child to Camp Strong4Life?
  • What is the difference between the day program and the overnight weekends?

      Camp Strong4Life offers two different formats for the Welcome and Reunion Retreats, find out which is right for your child.

  • What weekends am I required to attend?

      If you are a parent, your attendance is required at one Family Welcome Weekend and one Family Reunion Weekend.

      If you are a camper, your attendance is required at one Family Welcome Weekend, Camper Week and one Family Reunion Weekend.

  • What are the registration deadlines?

      Leader in Training Deadlines

      April 1: LIT Applications and follow-up documents are due
      April 21: LIT acceptances will be distributed
      June 1: Camper balances are due

      Camper Deadlines

      June 1: Last day to register
                 Camper Week volunteer follow-up documents are due
                 Camper balances are due                  
      June 2: Waiting list applicants notified
      June 6: All camper follow-up documents are due