In 2014, patients who received a BMT at the Aflac Cancer Center stayed in the hospital for less time than the national benchmark after their transplant.

What does this data mean?

This graph shows the average and median length of stay for the patients who received autologous or allogeneic transplants. The length of stay is the number of days our patients stayed in the hospital following their BMTs.

Why is this important?

Length of stay can show how quickly patients recover after their transplants. Our goal is to get children back home with their family and friends as soon as possible.

How does the Aflac Cancer Center ensure that we are providing high-quality care?

  • After transplant, our BMT team checks your child closely and works to lessen the chance of complications, such as graft versus host disease (GVHD).
  • Our BMT team provides educational resources to parents about caring for their child before, during and after his transplant.

*Source: Internally derived benchmarks based on review of national registry data for 2014.