Transfusion Medicine

Clinical Research

  • Transfusion transmitted CMV
  • Potential adverse effects of stored red blood cells
  • Alloimmunization in sickle cell patients
  • Development of a pediatric transfusion medicine training curriculum
  • Transfusion medicine and hemostasis network trials

Clinical Researcher

Basic Research

  • Red blood cell alloimmunization
  • BMT rejection primed by red blood cell or platelet transfusions
  • Red blood cell autoimmunity
  • Red blood cell antigen loss

Basic Researcher

  • James Zimring, M.D., Ph.D.

Recent Publications

  • Blajchman MA, Glynn SA, Josephson CD, Kleinman SH. Clinical Trial Opportunities in Transfusion Medicine:  Proceedings of an NHLBI State-Of-The-Science Symposium.  Transfus Med Rev 2010;4:259-285.  
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  • Zimring JC: Recent developments and future directions of alloimmunization to transfused blood products.  Clin Lab Med 2010;30:467-73.

Research Collaborations