Georgia Center for Oncology Research and Education

Georgia CORE

Georgia CORE is an independent non-profit organization, created as a partnership among leading oncologists, cancer centers, local and national cancer organizations who share a commitment to advancing the quality of cancer care and improving the health of Georgians. The organization’s Board of Directors is composed of physicians and scientists from leading cancer centers and private practices and all NCI funded programs in the state.  Furthering collaboration among those committed to bringing new and more effective cancer treatments to Georgians is the top priority of Georgia CORE.

In early 2012, Georgia CORE launched a new website  to provide comprehensive, reliable access to all cancer resources for patients, caregivers and professionals. Profiles of all oncologists, all adult and pediatric clinical trials, and information on all cancer centers are available in a searchable format. As a partner of the National Cancer Institute, Georgia CORE provides the latest and most comprehensive information available for Georgians seeking quality treatment alternatives close to home.

We have 43 pediatric oncologists in our network and have 141 pediatric clinical trials that can be found on the website.