cardiac patientTwo years ago, during a high school basketball game, Greer looked up into the crowded gymnasium stand and pounded her chest. Her mom knew something was wrong. Greer later told her mom that her heart was beating way too fast and hard. She knew it wasn’t normal.

At the Children’s Sibley Heart Center, Greer was diagnosed with supraventricular tachycardia (SVT), a common problem in pediatric patients. A microscopic electrical abnormality in her heart caused her heart to beat rapidly when she exercised. With a budding future in sports, all she wanted to do was get better, play basketball and softball, and go to college.

At Children’s, doctors used cryoablation to target the precise abnormality in the heart and destroyed it with subzero freezing. During her visit to Children’s, Greer played video games and joked with the staff. She left Children’s with friends—and encouraging results.

So now, after the terrifying basketball game, Greer is happy that there are no scars for her senior prom dress—and she has plenty of energy to dance the night away. There have been no recurrent SVT episodes.

Greer attends the University of Tennessee at Martin and plays on the softball team. With her healed heart, she continues to hit home runs.