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Pediatric Neurosciences

Patient and techFamilies from across the United States and around the world seek care at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta for neurosurgery. We have one of the largest teams of pediatric neurosurgeons in the country.

When it comes to your child’s brain, spine and nervous system, you want to put him in the hands of an experienced surgeon. Our five dedicated pediatric neurosurgeons perform thousands of surgeries each year. We perform more surgeries than other pediatric hospitals in the country.*

Program Highlights

  • Epilepsy Surgery

      - Over 66 percent of our patients were free of disabling seizures after having epilepsy surgery at Children's in 2011.

      - In 2011, 100 percent of our patients were free of disabling seizures after having temporal lobe epilepsy surgery at Children’s.

      - Our Epilepsy Center is a Level 4 pediatric epilepsy center according to the National Association of Epilepsy Centers (NAEC)—their highest level of designation meaning we have the expertise, facilities and equipment to provide advanced evaluation and treatment options.

      - The Epilepsy Center team includes pediatric epileptologists (doctors who specialize in seizure disorders) and clinical team members specially trained to treat epilepsy patients, including dedicated nurse coordinators, social workers and child life specialists. 

  • Neuro Spine Care for Kids

      - The Neuro Spine Care for Kids team works in collaboration with the Children's Orthopaedics Program, which U.S.News & World Report ranks among the top pediatric programs in the country.

      - Our doctors and staff treat children every day. They understand the unique needs of children with neurosurgical spine conditions.

      - We perform more than 200 spine surgeries each year —our doctors have the training and experience to perform delicate surgeries on the spinal cords of babies, children and teens.

      - Five years ago, spine surgeon, David Wrubel, M.D., saved Hunter Meredith’s life when he used his rib to reattach his neck to his skull. Watch Hunter’s story.

      - We collaborate on cutting-edge spine research with other institutions like the Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University School of Medicine.

  • Brain and Spinal Cord Tumor Program

      - Over the years, our surgeons have performed thousands of brain and spinal cord tumor surgeries.

      - We have leading technology—we were one of the first children’s hospitals in the world to offer intra-operative magnetic resonance imaging (iMRI) to help our surgeons remove as much of the brain tumor as possible the first time.

      - We offer a multidisciplinary approach to treating brain tumors so that our patients get treatments specific to their needs. Our team knows how to care for children and teens with brain tumors from initial diagnosis to neurosurgery, oncology and rehabilitation.

      - We collaborate on cutting-edge research with other institutions like the Georgia Institute of Technology, Emory University School of Medicine and the Aflac Cancer Center and Blood Disorders to find cures for brain tumors. We were recently involved in research using nanotechnology to turn brain tumor tissue blue, which could help surgeons to distinguish the brain tumor from healthy tissue. Children’s has one of the leading pediatric cancer centers in the country (U.S.News & World Report).


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Learn more about all of the neurosciences programs and services offered at Children's. Call 404-785-2432 or email for more information.

*Children’s has the largest pediatric neurological and neurosurgical inpatient volumes in the country. Source: PHIS 2011 (a national database of 43 major children’s hospitals)