Brachial Plexus

What to Expect On Your Child's First Visit

Your first appointment may take two hours to allow the entire team a chance to examine your child, speak with you and answer your questions. You will be greeted by our nurse coordinator and will meet with our medical team and our surgical director. Your child will also be evaluated by our physical and occupational therapists during the clinic visit.

Evaluation of Your Child’s Condition

Before deciding on a treatment plan for the care of your child’s brachial plexus injury, our team will evaluate your child’s condition. There’s no simple test to figure out exactly how extensive the brachial plexus injury is or what nerves are damaged.

When our team examines your child they will be looking for:

  • How well are your child’s muscles developed?
  • Can he use the muscles in the affected shoulder, arm and hand?
  • Does he have feeling in his arm?
  • Differences between what he can do with his "good" arm and what he can do with the affected arm.

The multidisciplinary team will also ask you about any changes you’ve noticed in your child’s condition. If you have any questions at this time about the treatment of your child’s brachial plexus injury, the team will answer them. Please dress your child in clothes that are easy to remove. We want to see all the muscles in the shoulders and chest. A tank top is a good idea for older children. Please bring all of your child’s medical treatment records.

Going To Children’s

Here is a list to help prepare for your visit.

  • Plan ahead to avoid surprises.
  • Understand that a legal guardian must sign consent forms for your child’s consultation.
  • Bring your insurance card and any paperwork your child’s doctor has given you.
  • Obtain authorization from your child’s primary care physician before your visit. Your primary care physician can fax your child’s referral to 404-785-6294.
  • Bring a favorite blanket, video, stuffed animal, doll or book to make your child more comfortable.


Children’s Brachial Plexus Program is located at the Children’s Medical Office Building on the Children's at Scottish Rite campus, 5455 Meridian Mark Road, Suite 200, Atlanta, Ga. Find a map and driving directions here.