Sports Medicine

Fearless Athletes Deserve Specialized Treatments

Our Sports Medicine Program is one of the few programs in the country that is dedicated to the care of young athletes. 

Instead of treating a young athlete’s pain, we fix the problem. Many of those problems are unique to children, adolescents and teens, and require specialized treatments.

  • Young athletes’ bones have growth plates and must be treated carefully to prevent long-term damage.
  • During growth spurts, young athletes are susceptible to unique injuries and conditions that our team is trained to handle.
  • The psychology of a young athlete is different. Our team gets to know each athlete, how he thinks, feels and what motivates him.

Personalized for Each Athlete

At our 14 neighborhood locations—all of which are open late for convenient scheduling—we help young athletes prevent and recognize injuries through programs that teach proper sports techniques. Each athlete’s treatment is personalized based on his needs, emotional state and the sport he plays to make sure he heals properly. Furthermore, our Adaptive Sports program is designed to help children and teens with disabilities find sports they enjoy and can play safely. Our staff consists of:

In addition to treating sports injuries, we use special equipment and technology—like video motion analysis—to find and correct techniques and improve performance.