Pediatric Dance Medicine Program

Athletic Artists Need a Different Kind of Expertise

Dance is usually regarded as an art form, but it requires a great deal of athletic ability. That is why our Pediatric Dance Medicine Program treats dancers as athletes. 

Our therapists and athletic trainers focus on the dancer’s strength and form to prevent injury. They also use dance-focused rehabilitation to help them get back into the studio as soon as possible.

Our goal is to meet the wide range of unique needs a dancer has by treating both mind and body. A lot goes into building a long and successful dance career. There are many ways we can help: 


    Almost as soon as she could stand, Leighton Jordan was up on her toes. A series of injuries as a teenager cut her promising career short, and now she dreams of providing the same kind of care that she received at Children’s.


When a dancer comes into our Pediatric Dance Medicine Program, our goal isn’t just to treat the injury. It is also to educate the dancer about how the injury occurred and how to prevent it.

Our physicians and physical therapists evaluate what a dancer needs to change in their training, diet or lifestyle to keep them in the studio. They also know how to speak and relate to dancers. This allows them to explain their diagnosis and treatment better.

We use video analysis to help improve performance. Using this technology, we can show dancers the possible flaws in their technique and how to correct them. This can also help with injury prevention.