Hip Surgery

Since the Hip Program’s inception in 2009, many hip surgical procedures have shifted from inpatient to outpatient surgeries.

What does this data mean? 
This graph shows the number of surgical hip cases performed at Children’s since 2010.

Why are hip surgery volumes important? 
Undetected or untreated hip conditions can cause other problems, such as arthritis, and lead to hip replacement. Our orthopaedic hip specialists evaluate, diagnose and treat an array of pediatric hip conditions—giving kids the chance to live active lives.

How do we make sure we are providing high-quality care? 
Our Hip Program team has extensive experience with infant, toddler and adolescent hip conditions.

  • Our team works with orthopaedic surgeons to combine the latest technology and surgical methods and offers comprehensive, coordinated care.
  • Some children may need physical therapy to fully recover. We design specific therapy recommendations for patients with pediatric hip diagnoses.  
  • Orthopaedic surgeons participating in the Hip Program at Children’s are actively involved in research studies.