Pediatric Palliative Care

Services, Conditions and Treatments

Our pediatric advanced care team (PACT) is trained to listen, assess and find innovative ways to make life as good as possible for each child. We partner and collaborate with pediatric specialists across a variety of clinical services.

PACT aims to:

  • Help children and families identify, prevent and treat the stress and symptoms across every stage of disease.
  • Limit a child’s suffering and improve their quality of life, despite the effects of their disease.
  • Explore the hopes of our children and their families in order to set realistic goals for care based on this feedback.
  • Partner with community programs and identify resources for children and families.
  • Work closely with our children, their families and the medical teams that care for them.
  • Support programs in training, policy, research, clinical guidelines and advocacy.

PACT helps children and their families manage:

  • Physical symptoms
  • Psycho-social challenges 
  • Spiritual challenges
  • Family support
  • Team support
  • Community support

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