Meet Eason

Breathing easy from third base

Every kid gets sinus infections, but for some children, these can be a real nuisance. Eason Roberts has been in and out of doctors’ offices since he was an infant for his near constant sinus infections. Because the ears, nose and throat can be related, a problem with one can cause issues with the others.

“When Eason started preschool, he had strep throat a lot. His tonsils were really swollen,” Eason’s mother, Lynn, said.

By age 4, Eason had his tonsils removed, and his adenoids removed—twice. Adenoids are glands in the nose that are similar to tonsils.

“Even after three surgeries, there didn’t seem to be much improvement in Eason’s breathing. He also has pretty bad asthma. So, not being able to breathe easily out of his nose was really a problem for him,” Lynn said. “We met with an allergist, and just nothing seemed to help him.”

That is when she found Melissa Statham, M.D., pediatric otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat doctor).

“We love Dr. Statham. Eason is kind of quiet and shy, but she was the first doctor to make him smile. She really took her time with Eason and explained the surgery to him so he understood,” Lynn said.

Dr. Statham performed a procedure called functional endoscopic sinus surgery. Using a very small camera, called an endoscope, inserted into the nose, she was able to remove the swollen tissue in his nose. This tissue was keeping Eason’s nose from draining properly, which was contributing to his ear infections and strep throat.

This procedure is called minimally invasive because it does not use any large incisions (cuts used for surgery), and it's safer and generally has a shorter recovery time. Since his surgery, Eason only had one sinus infection. “He is still sensitive to smoke and perfume, but he’s doing much better.”

Now he is 10, and with his sinuses clear, Eason is back to doing what he loves best. “Eason is the third baseman for his traveling baseball team. After his surgery, he came up to me after the game and said, ‘I’ve never felt this good playing baseball’,” Lynn said.