When It's Your Child, Every Surgery is Serious

Bring Him to the Experts in Pediatric Surgery

It's scary to think of your child going under the knife or receiving anesthesia. Surgery, even outpatient surgery, is a big deal—whether your child is a toddler or a teen.

Learn how we are making:


    Bring your child to an expert in pediatrics. Find a surgeon or specialist on our medical staff and ask to go to Children's.


Quicker Recoveries 

When your child is hurt, surgery is our last option. Whenever possible, we use minimally invasive techniques. That means your child has smaller scars and spends less time in the hospital.

Safer Images with Less Radiation

Imaging scans help doctors understand the scope of your child’s illness or injury before surgery. But, too much radiation can affect his growing body. We have:

  • technology, called ASiR, and pediatric protocols. These allow us to use up to 50 percent less radiation compared to a typical CT scan.
  • pioneered the use of bismuth shields for children and teens. These shields let us image the developing areas of your child’s growing body while still protecting them.

A Team Just for Kids

Our surgeons work with the tiniest infants and the tallest teens every day. They have the experience and the training to help handle any situation.

Our pediatric anesthesiologists also have special training for giving children and teens anesthesia (sleep medicine). That way you know it is the safest dose of anesthesia—just right for your child. A member of our anesthesia team will be with your child before, during and after his surgery to make sure he is comfortable and safe.