Pediatric Surgery Volumes & Outcomes

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As one of the busiest pediatric surgical centers in the nation, we track our volumes and outcomes to make sure that we are giving every patient the quality care they deserve.

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Did You Know?

  • Unexpected complications
  • Serious surgical event
  • Likelihood to recommend Children's for surgery
  • Surgery volumes
  • Unplanned return to Children's

Why do volumes matter?

By tracking the number of surgeries (volumes), we can make sure we are always staffed to handle Georgia’s growing population.

Why is demonstrating outcomes important?

We also track how our patients are doing (outcomes) to help us see if everything we are doing is effective. With nearly 38,000 surgeries every year, tracking this information is critical to improving our care—every year. In addition to our four convenient locations, Children’s also offers:

  • Pediatric surgery equipment specifically designed to meet a child’s unique needs
  • Pre-op playrooms and bright and cheery surroundings
  • Comprehensive pain management for infants to young adults, creating a more positive surgery experience for children while maintaining excellent surgical outcomes