Meet Kenyada

KenyadaKenyada was diagnosed with severe asthma by age 5. She spent a lot of time in either the emergency room or the inpatient units at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta because her asthma was not well controlled.

“Winter was my worst season,” she said. “I used to go to the emergency room twice a week, sometimes having to spend the night in the hospital. I missed a lot of school. When I did go, I wasn’t able to focus. I couldn’t hang out with my friends like I wanted to.”

She was referred to the Children’s Asthma Center to help her and her family better manage her asthma. Kenyada explains how her quality of life has improved.

“I rarely have to go to the emergency room for my asthma,” she said. “I don’t miss as much school. My grades are better and I’m able to hang out with my friends without having to worry about my asthma.”

She attributes her success to getting on the right medications for her asthma and better understanding the importance of taking her medications as prescribed.

“The Asthma Center really encouraged me to keep track of my medicines and take them like I’m supposed to,” she said. “They also taught me how to know when I need to start my quick-relief medicines to help prevent a bad asthma attack.”

Kenyada’s advice to other teenagers with asthma?

“Listen to the doctors,” she said. “And try to take your medicine every day.”

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