Helpful Hints

Here are some things that might help your child get a good night of sleep:

Your child should:

  • Have a 20- to 30-minute relaxing bedtime routine that is the same every night; this can include reading a book or talking about his day.
  • Go to bed at night and get up in the morning at the same time every day.
  • Have a comfortable, quiet and dark bedroom; he will sleep better in a room that is cool.
  • Get exercise every day.

Your child should not:

  • Have caffeine at least three to four hours before bedtime.
  • Have a TV in his bedroom; he can easily develop the bad habit of “needing” the TV to fall asleep.
  • Play video games or use the computer before bedtime.
  • Go to bed hungry; a light snack before bed is okay.

Do not use the bedroom for time-out or other punishment. You want your child to think of his bedroom as a good place-not a bad one.