“Hi Peyton,” everyone happily chirps when this energetic 3-year-old gallops into her mom’s office at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. And rarely does she gallop anywhere without one of her favorite stuffed animals—a horse, of course.

When Peyton was 6 weeks old, her parents rushed her to the Emergency Department at Children’s because she had a high fever and vomiting. The doctors diagnosed her with pneumococcal meningitis—an infection of the membranes covering the brain and spinal cord.

At Children’s, she had an interventional radiology procedure to help guide the placement of a PICC line—a long, thin flexible tube placed into the main vessel in her chest to administer life-saving antibiotics. The imaging was especially useful in Peyton because she was so small—every movement of the PICC line in her tiny body needed to be exact.

Peyton was too young to remember the procedure that saved her life, but her Mom does—which is one of the many reasons she loves Children’s. Today, a healthy and happy Peyton has grown into a beautiful little girl with a love for animals. She gallops out of the office—excited to go home and play with her stuffed dog Annie.