Fluoroscopy Procedure Preparations

Find the test your child is going to have below. Then, follow the directions to get your child ready for their test. Some directions change with the age of your child. Make sure you match your child’s age with the right directions.

If you do not follow the directions, we will have to reschedule your child’s visit.

Barium enema for constipation
All ages—Nothing by rectum, such as enema or suppository, one day before the test.

Barium enema

Ages birth to 2 years

  • 12 hours before the test—No solid food. Liquids are OK.
  • Three hours before the test—Do not eat or drink.

Ages 2 years and older

  • One day before the test—Clear liquids only, such as clear broth, water and Jell-O without fruit.
  • 4 p.m. the day before the test—Give children’s Senokot by mouth. Senokot can be found in most drug stores.
    • 1 teaspoon for every 10 pounds of child’s weight. Example: Your child weighs 80 pounds, give him 8 teaspoons of Senokot.
  • Bedtime the night before the test and again in the early morning—give a child or adult Fleet enema. Fleets enemas can be found at most drug stores.
    • Ages 2 to 11—Use a child Fleet enema.