Mock Scanner

We have recently added an MRI simulator (or "mock" scanner) to the suite at Children's at Scottish Rite, thanks to a generous donation from the Plummer Foundation, and through the facilitation of Tom Burns, Psy.D., ABPP-CN, Director, Neuropsychology Services at Children's.

The mock scanner allows patients to undergo practice MRI sessions with clinicians and child life specialists, helping to reduce their anxiety prior to going into the real scanner.  It can also be used to assess whether or not the patient can complete the scan without sedation.

Additionally, the mock scanner will enable Neuropsychologists to prepare patients for both clinical and research studies that require functional MRI (fMRI) in studies evaluating children with epilepsy, brain tumors, arteriovenous malformations and sickle cell disease.



  • Quiet, smooth rolling patient table with safety stop and speed control 
  • Amplified speakers and subwoofer for realistic scanner noise production and vibration 
  • Cooling fans and diffused lighting for patient safety and comfort 
  • A mock head coil with patient view mirror 
  • Integrated control panel for patient table operation, fans and lights 
  • Same shape as actual MRI scanner