Educational & Psychosocial Support

Educational Support

Attending school is part of a child’s normal, daily routine. As a result, the Children's Mason Transplant Center:

  • Has an in-house school program with dedicated teachers on both campuses so children can keep up with their studies while recovering.
  • Helps children who have a transplant make a smooth transition back to school through the Children’s Connection program. Members of the child life and School program teams are available to visit the student’s school to give an overview of the diagnosis and treatment. The program also allows for age-appropriate discussion about the emotional aspects of the student’s illness and how teachers and classmates can help.

Psychosocial Support

Providing emotional and psychological support for a child undergoing a transplant is an important part of the healing process.

  • Social workers and chaplains are available for emotional and spiritual support as well as practical resources for families.
  • Child life specialists help children and their families cope with trauma and stress through play therapy in child-friendly surroundings.
  • Clinical and spiritual counseling in addition to psychology and psychiatry consultations are also offered.