Carina - The Gift of Love and Life

Carina’s family moved to Atlanta to give their little girl a chance to live. Born in New Mexico with a life-threatening liver disease, her only hope for survival was a liver transplant. After researching the best place in the country for Carina’s care, her parents chose Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Thanks to a unique living donor transplant technique pioneered at Children’s, Carina’s mom, Anna, was able to donate part of her own liver. In fact, Children’s is one of a few centers in the country to offer this type of living donor transplant for pediatric patients.

“On both sides of the tunnel that runs from Emory to Children’s everyone was so accommodating. They all made me feel so comfortable,” Anna said. “Children’s holds a fond place in my heart—it is like a second family—it was such a positive experience.”

Anna left Emory after her fourth day—part of it, she said, was her will to be with Carina.

To this day, mother and daughter do everything together, Carina is in third grade at the same school where Anna teaches—so they carpool.

“It’s an amazing opportunity to be a donor,” Anna said. “To see someone go from being so sick to a complete change is the best gift. There is no way I could not have done it.”

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