Zumer - From New York to a New Heart

During her first year of high school, Zumer went on spring break with her family to New York City. While on vacation she began vomiting, eventually becoming too weak to walk.It was obvious to Zumer and her parents that something was definitely not right and upon returning home from vacation, her parents brought her to the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Sibley Heart Center. Before her vacation Zumer had been feeling ill and had visited a total of seven doctors who informed her that her illness was the result of her history of acute bronchitis.

At the Children’s Sibley Heart Center, Zumer was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy with severely decreased heart function, which means the right side of her heart was weakened, enlarged and unable to pump blood correctly. Zumer needed a new heart.

The idea of a heart transplant distressed Zumer and despite her family’s efforts to calm her, she was scared and did not want to have the transplant. The staff at Children’s introduced Zumer to a 13-year old girl who had received a heart transplant just a few months earlier. Zumer and the girl became friends and the girl helped Zumer become more comfortable with the idea of a heart transplant.Within two weeks, a heart was donated and Zumer was ready for her heart transplant surgery. Zumer’s heart transplant was a success due to the specialized care that she received at Children’s Sibley Heart Center.

Today, Zumer is excited to take on many new adventures, including attending college and going back to New York City so that she can experience it to its fullest. Zumer is also works to create awareness of pediatric heart disease.

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