Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will test results be released?

      After final lab and radiology results become available, providers have at least three days to review lab and imaging results before they are automatically released to a patient's MYchart. Providers also have the option to release results early and to include a note to the patient/guardian. Patients and guardians will receive a notification by email when results are available in MYchart, and they will be instructed to contact the physician who ordered the test with questions about results.

      Lab = released within three business days
      X‐ray = released within three business days
      Other radiology [CT, MRI] = released within seven business days 

      Sensitive diagnoses: We will not release any STD, pregnancy, genetic, or suspected abuse test results in MYchart.

  • How will the secure messaging feature work?

      You will not receive any emails in your personal email inbox. All secure messages will go to a pool in the Epic Inbasket designed by your practice. Physicians or their clinical designee will have two business days to respond to secure messages.

  • Will patients be able to view the complete medical record through MYchart?

      No. MYchart provides access to a partial medical record. For example, patients and guardians can view after-visit summaries, but not progress notes. We will also suppress the release of any sensitive test results, including STD, pregnancy, genetic, or suspected abuse test results.

  • After patients have seen a hospitalist or ED physician, will they be able to contact those physicians after discharge?
      Not through MYchart. Patients/guardians will be directed to follow up with the patient's primary care physician. They will only be able to send secure messages to ambulatory providers through MYchart.
  • Who will provide technical support?

      You and your practice should contact the Solution Center at Children's for assistance with questions and technical needs related to MYchart operations.

      Children's offers 24/7 support for your patients and their families. The phone number is posted in MYchart in addition to frequently asked questions.