Office of Sponsored Programs

The Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) supports the advancement of our educational, research and public service missions by assisting with the grant process and overall grant management.

The Children’s OSP administers awards for sponsored programs and projects to provide excellent stewardship to our supporters and Children’s as a whole. The goal of the Children’s OSP is to guide individuals through the grant process while developing the infrastructure that sustains research and programs at Children’s. 

We achieve this goal by assisting with every aspect of the grant process. This includes:

  • Providing training and support for proposal development
  • Issue Notices of Award and set up grant accounts for use
  • ­Developing institutional policies that relate to sponsored activities

In addition, we help gain the approvals needed to submit proposals, implement financial management and accept awards and subgrant funds.

­The Children’s OSP processes all other grants with external, restricted funding for projects and partnerships between Children’s and its supporters (e.g., government agencies, foundations, private companies and peer institutions).


Pre Award Services

  • Review sponsor guidelines and applications
  • Provide institutional information and assist with form preparation
  • Edit proposals
  • Assist in budget preparation and review
  • Facilitate and manage internal routing and review
  • Maintain proposal file
  • Coordinate with other administrative departments

Award administration

  • Interpret requirements and determine appropriate terms and conditions for agreements and contracts
  • Maintain award file

Project requirements

    • Track reporting requirements
    • Apply for continuation funding
    • Transfer of funds and equipment
    • Coordinate publicity and communications
    • Audit and financial reconciliation

    Training and communication

    • Provide training about grant management and proposal development.
    • Provide process and institutional information, as well as funder and legal information regarding sponsored programs.
    • Maintain a database of all nonclinical awards for tracking and reporting as needed.

    Contact us

    Please contact the Children’s Office of Sponsored Programs to get started.

    Mimi Kartsonakis
    1920 Briarcliff Road, Ste. 372
    Atlanta, GA 30329