1. Proposal Information Form (PIF) - This form is used to provide OSP with basic information regarding new proposals. It starts the pre-award process.

2. Department Approval Form (DAF) - This form is used to:

  • Determine what patient care procedures are required
  • Determine what professional and technical fees are required
  • Review and approval of department providing services to ensure that the department can provide those services
  • This form must be completed and signed by the appropriate department managers, and submitted with the Budget Approval Form (BAF)
  • Department Approval Form (DAF) for Hughes Spalding - Please contact Saadia Khizer prior to routing this form.

3. IDC Waiver Form - This form is used to request a reduced overhead rate, or to request that it be waived altogether.

For assistance and information regarding these forms, please contact the Office of Sponsored Programs at: