The School Program at Children's

School Program

School is a big part of every child’s life. When a child’s life is interrupted by an illness or a hospital stay, it is important that he continues with as many normal activities as possible. 

The School Program at Children’s helps support the educational needs of patients whose medical condition impacts their learning experience. All services are free to patients.  

Our Hospital Teachers

Our teachers are highly qualified, Georgia-certified educators with previous classroom experience. They are trained in a variety of areas including elementary, middle, high school and special education, providing quality educational support to our child patients.

Our hospital teachers can help you work with your child's school so he does not fall behind. This includes:

  • Coordinating assignments with your child's teacher(s)
  • Providing instruction
  • Sending progress notes to your child's school to show attendance and assignment completion 
  • Providing information about support and resources available at your child's school, including assistance through a Section 504 Plan or an Individualized Education Plan.
  • Providing information to your child's school about how his illness may impact his learning.
  • Making referrals for home instruction if your child's doctor says that he is too sick to go back to school for a period of time.

Our Schoolrooms

Children’s at Egleston and Children’s at Scottish Rite each have a schoolroom with state-approved textbooks, computers and other learning tools.

  • Schoolrooms are staffed with teachers and volunteers.
  • Patients are scheduled for school as soon as they are medically able.
  • Bedside instruction may be available to patients who need to remain in their hospital room.
  • Instruction is available in some outpatient areas at specific times of the day. Patients who have routine outpatient visits are encouraged to bring their books and assignments, so the teacher in that area can work with them.