Current and Past Pharmacy Residents and Preceptors

Pediatric Pharmacy Residency Program

  • Current Residents

      If you have any questions about our Pharmacy Residency Program, contact either of the current residents below:

      Katie Talisse

      Maria Bagdasarian

  • Past Residents

      Jane Chen

      Major project: Dexmedetomidine use in the intensive care areas
      Now: Investigational drug service pharmacist at Children's

      AJ Fernandez

      Major project: Evaluating pharmacist interventions after the implementation of a CPOE system
      Now: Antimicrobial stewardship pharmacist at Children's

      Alyson Davis

      Major project: Developing an antimicrobial stewardship program
      Now: Medical writing

      Carolyn Ragsdale

      Major project: A retrospective study comparing 3 percent saline vs. mannitol
      Now: Pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) pharmacy specialist

      Sarah Walker

      Major project: Clonidine therapy in pediatric patients to prevent withdrawl symptoms
      Now: Night pharmacist at Children's

      Whitney Moore

      Major project: Immunosuppressant blood levels as an assessment of adherence in an interventional adolescent transition clinic for kidney transplant patients
      Now: Emergency Department pharmacist

      Tatum Airey

      Major project: Implementation of antipsychotic medication guidelines in the emergency department
      Now: Registered pharmacist at Children's, providing services to the intensive care unit (ICU)

      Katie McQueen

      Major project: Liver transplant guideline compliance
      Now: Registered pharmacist at Children's, providing services to the ICU and rounding with Inpatient Rehabilitation

      Carmen Echols

      Major project: Evaluating the use of erythromycin to boost tacrolimus levels in pediatric nephrology patients
      Now: Pharmacy school professor

      Kim Maxa

      Major project: Review of vancomycin dosing in adolescents
      Now: PGY-2 residency

  • Preceptors

      The preceptor is a pharmacist that acts as a teacher and mentor to the residents and students in their specialized rotations.

      Kari Bingham
      Dana Clark
      Susanne Youssef
      Mariela Duval
      Helen Giannopoulos
      Sherika Haire
      Vickie Malloy
      Karen Miller
      Leticia Montegna
      Jim Rhodes
      Jamie Shropshire
      Timothy Stacy
      Jennifer Sterner-Allison
      Hania Zaki
      Rochelle Schmidt
      Katie Thompson