Transitioning to Pediatrics

At Children’s, we teach you everything you need to know about being a pediatric nurse and we welcome all kinds of backgrounds and experiences. Working with children is energizing and the environment of our children's hospital is stimulating.

Many of our most successful nurses have transitioned from adult care and tell us they would never go back.

Patient Care Provider Orientation

All clinical employees complete Patient Care Provider Orientation which is facilitated by our clinical staff development team. Orientation introduces clinical employees to practice guidelines, policies, medical equipment and I.V. therapy.

PCPO includes time in a clinical simulation lab where new employees receive instruction and training on the medical equipment and procedures used in the clinical areas. Patient safety is the underlying theme of the entire orientation program.

  1. Hospitals are colorful and fun.
  2. Kids haven't abused their bodies for 60 years. They get better and go on to live a full life.
  3. Kids get better more quickly; they don't moan and fight you about getting out of bed.
  4. Kids don't think having to drag an I.V. pole around is too bad.
  5. You don't have to haul a 300-pound man out of bed. It's a lot easier to change a diaper and reposition small kids and babies.
  6. Adults don't get Scooby-Doo stickers or band aids.
  7. There are a lot more resources for the nurse, like Child Life Specialists.
  8. Staffing ratios are much better.
  9. Parents appreciate what you do.
  10. People donate money to say thank you, which pays for a lot of equipment.