Pediatric Research Center

Where Tomorrow’s Ideas Become Today’s Treatments

Cutting-edge pediatric research at Children’s plays a big part in carrying out our mission of making kids better today and healthier tomorrow.

The Pediatric Research Center (PRC), located on the campus of our Egleston hospital, is where research, top-notch care and compassion come together. Whether your child is coming in for an outpatient research appointment or staying overnight for an inpatient research visit, he will be in the hands of highly skilled medical professionals with specialized training and expertise. Our team is well equipped to meet the unique needs of your child at every stage of development, and we take pride in delivering compassionate, safe, quality care.

The PRC is available for patients coming to Children’s for research visits. Depending on the particular research study, participants visit either the outpatient or inpatient unit. Our research team works closely with care providers throughout each research visit. Families participating in a research study will have full access to the family-centered amenities at Egleston, including:

  • Wireless internet
  • Exercise area
  • Laundry room
  • Sleep rooms
  • Private showers
  • Business center
  • Family library
  • Cafeteria and coffee shop

For Professionals

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