From Pep Rallies to Summer Camp, Strong4Life Makes Getting Healthy Fun

Strong4Life Programs

Getting—and staying—on a healthy track is not one-solution-fits-all. That is why Strong4Life has specialized programs for kids to reset and recharge through nutrition and activity, and also offers community-based programs to get kids excited about eating right. Nearly 300,000 Georgia children and their families have participated in our programs—from pep rallies to Camp Strong4Life—and we are just getting started.

Clinical Treatment Programs

At Strong4Life, we help kids struggling with their weight get on a healthy track with lots of support—exactly where and when they need it. Our doctors, nutritionists and exercise physiologists work with families to make major lifestyle changes healthy, achievable and fun.

Strong4Life Clinic
When kids requiring clinical intervention start the journey toward managing their weight, our Strong4Life Clinic is the map, navigator and tour guide—all in one. We have a team of doctors and specialists dedicated to the treatment of clinically diagnosed childhood weight issues. These experts work with kids and their families to create achievable, personalized lifestyle goals—complete with medical assessments, nutrition plans and mental health support.

Camp Strong4Life
Camp Strong4Life gives kids struggling with their weight a camp where health and wellness meet zip-lining, swimming and fun. In a real outdoor camp setting, our fully-trained staff teaches kids the basics of getting healthy with a range of activities that inspire lifestyle changes and family involvement. Plus, camp gives them the support they need to start a lifetime of making healthy choices.