Frequently Asked Questions about

the Health4Life Clinic

Want to learn more about Health4Life? In this video, Dr. Stephanie Walsh walks you through what to expect at our clinic.

  • How do I schedule an appointment?

      In order to schedule your child’s first appointment, we need a referral from your child’s doctor, and we need you to complete a new patient packet (Spanish). Both items need to be submitted to the Health4Life Program before we are able to schedule an appointment.

      Both the referral from your child’s doctor and the completed new patient packet can be faxed to the clinic at 404-785-1511. Once we have both items we will contact you to set up an appointment.

      Referral from your child’s doctor
      Ask your doctor to send:
         -Most recent clinic notes
         -Most recent lab work results
         -Growth charts
         -Contact information

      New patient packet
      We can send you the new patient packet by mailemail or it can be found on our website.

      My insurance does not require a referral, do I still need one?
      Yes, all patients need a referral to start the program regardless of your insurance provider.

      What if my child has not had labs recently?
      If needed, labs will be ordered at Health4Life to either be drawn the day of your first appointment or at a time convenient to you. Unless specifically told to do so, do not have your child come to their appointment fasting. If you prefer to have labs drawn at your primary care provider, let us know.

  • How do I get the most out of the program?

      A) Participate. Participating means the whole family is committed. Sometimes, a child makes a goal that requires a parent to change his or her lifestyle. Parents who model healthy behaviors are more likely to have a child who develops healthy habits. Get the whole family on-board. Most children have multiple caretakers, so it is important to make sure all caretakers understand the importance of consistent behaviors.

      B) Use your team. We are available every day via phone and e-mail, and we are happy to answer questions from your child or you about nutrition or exercise plans.

      C) Be honest. Change is never easy. Our clinic is meant to be a place of acceptance, openness and non-judgment.

      In order to determine if this is the right time for your family to join the Health4Life program, consider the following questions:

          1) Many families in our clinic are working on increasing their vegetable intake
              and decreasing sodas. Ask yourself, “Do I feel ready to take on these
              types of challenges?”

          2) Are there medical reasons for making a change now?

          3) Do you have a strong history of diabetes or cardiovascular disease in 
              your family? Does your child take any medications for these problems

          4) Are you willing to consider adjusting your schedule, changing your diet,
              or exercising more yourself if that would help your child?

          5) Is your child expressing an interest in eating better or feeling better?

  • How should I prepare for my first appointment?

      In order for the Health4Life program to be successful, we need full participation from you and your child. Make sure you all come ready to be fully engaged in the program. Have your child come dressed in normal attire for his or her appointment; there is no need to come in exercise clothing unless specifically asked to prior to your appointment.

      If needed, labs will be ordered at Health4Life to either be drawn the day of your appointment or at a time that is more convenient to you. Unless specifically told to, please do not have your child come to their appointment fasting.

      In order to serve you and your child in the most efficient way possible, we adhere to a strict late policy. Your child may not be seen by the whole team and may need to reschedule if you arrive past your scheduled appointment time. Allow yourself extra time for traffic and to park in the parking deck.

  • What should I know about billing and insurance?

      We recommend that families contact their insurance provider regarding their coverage prior to their appointments.

      You or your insurance company will receive, at minimum, two bills. One bill will be for hospital services rendered as part of your visit (includes facility charge, labs, radiology and therapies) and the others will be for each doctor your child sees at the visit.

      Separate co-payments or deductibles for which you are responsible may be applied to each bill depending on your individual arrangement with your insurance company. If your child sees multiple doctors at your visit, you may be required to pay co-payments for each doctor seen.

      In some cases, you may receive a bill from your doctor’s private office.

      Part of our program includes visiting with our psychologist; this portion may also be billed to your insurance company under the behavioral health portion.

      The Health4Life Program will be billed as a “hospital outpatient” visit.

      If you have questions or object to any of the information above, please contact us before your child’s visit to the clinic.

      Lab work may be ordered at your first visit. If you prefer, your referring provider or primary care physician may order this prior to the appointment.

  • Where can I find the new patient packet?

      Please download and print our new patient packet (Spanish). This may be returned to us by mailemail or fax (404-785-1511). Once we receive your new patient packet and referral our office will contact you to set up an appointment. Please let us know if you have any questions.

  • Does Health4Life offer a bariatric surgery option?

      The Health4Life Program also includes a bariatric surgery option to those children with extreme weight issues who meet specific criteria. Surgical candidates are required to complete comprehensive behavior intervention programs before and after surgery.

      We are currently performing the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy procedure on patients who meet specific requirements. In order to be considered for surgery we require:

           -BMI of 40 or greater
           -Minimum of six consecutive monthly visits to the Health4Life program
           -Psychological evaluation to be performed by Health4Life
           -Medical testing typically including: ECHO, EKG, Upper GI, Sleep Study
           -Demonstration of a sustainable  healthy lifestyle
           -Food logs and communication with the Health4Life team
           -Participation in support groups

      Once these steps are completed, the request will be sent to your insurance company for approval. After surgery is performed we require that your child returns for follow up visits as well. Contact our office at 404-785-1535 for more information about this portion of the program.