Make a Referral

To refer a patient, fill out the online concussion referral form or call 404-785-KIDS (5437).

Concussion referral form

Education for Professionals

Concussion video series

Watch videos on concussion prevention, diagnosis, treatment and scenarios

Concussion toolkit

Our concussion toolkit is a collection of materials created by Children’s designed to help you manage concussions in your practice. You will find:

  • A tool for assessing concussions and mild brain injuries
  • Emergency department referral and CT scan criteria
  • The Glasgow coma scale
  • Red flags, signs that a concussion is serious
  • A cognitive rest and academic recovery plan and sample letters
  • Sample return-to-play and return-to-game letters

Download our concussion toolkit

Co-branded concussion materials

Children’s offers co-branding and ordering professional reprints of some of our concussion patient family materials. These must be paid for by your organization and distributed for non-commercial uses only.

Our marketing department and print vendor will provide you with the instructions and requirements for co-branding the materials. The brand must be compatible with the uses for which we created the materials and consistent with our mission. We may decline to permit the co-branding of materials for any reason or no reason at our sole discretion.

You must pay the print vendor for the number of copies ordered regardless of when the materials are updated. We will make reasonable business efforts to notify our preferred print vendors of our schedule for updating materials.

Only our Children's approved vendor can make changes to our materials and provide printing. All quotes and payment will be managed directly between your organization and the print vendor. The printing quote will come from the vendor once you have worked with them to determine quantity and details.

View examples

Download these files to see where your logo can be placed. Your logo may only be placed in the position that says "Your logo here":

How to request co-branding

  1. Complete the co-branding request form.
  2. We will review your request within five business days.
  3. If your request is approved, we will email you a licensing agreement. Sign and email the agreement back to us, along with a high-resolution EPS file of your logo.
  4. We will return a copy of the agreement for your records and connect you with the Children's vendor who will manage the project

Patient handouts

A child should recover and be completely symptom-free—at rest and with physical exertion—before returning to sports or other activities. These tools can help patients determine when it is safe.

General concussion guidelines for patients

Concussion research

We are working to find out more about concussion, its possible effects and how best to help patients fully recover. Your patients might benefit from participation in one of our research projects.

Learn more about concussion research at Children’s

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