Kids at Heart

Kids at Heart, sponsored by the Sibley Heart Center, offers parents, families and caregivers of kids with congenital heart defects a chance to come together and share their experiences.

From mentor programs to family outings, we provide social, educational and support opportunities to families year round, including

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Helpful Resources

Cardiac Neurodevelopmental Program - Learn more about our multidisciplinary team, including cardiology, neuropsychology and rehabilitation therapy, and how we provide complete developmental care for children with heart conditions.

Kids at Heart events- Learn more about Kids at Heart events using our interactive event calendar, or download to print.

Event photos- Photography from each of our Kids at Heart events.

Family Gatherings- Family Gatherings are designed to connect heart families in communities across Georgia outside of Kids at Heart Events. Gatherings are hosted by family volunteers and are suitable for children of all ages.

Talking to kids and siblings about the heart- Presented by Child Life Specialist Kalli Lamkin, this talk was first featured at our Parenting Your Heart Child Conference and includes tips and resources for talking to kids and siblings about the heart.

Facts about childhood heart disease- A resource for teachers and school nurses to help care for a child with a known heart condition.

Emergency Action Plan for schools- A resource for schools to help develop a plan for sudden cardiac arrest, not only for students with a known heart condition, but for anyone who may go into sudden cardiac arrest.

Support Kids at Heart- Make a donation to Kids at Heart with a one-time or reoccurring gift, send a donation eCard, or make a Tribute gift.  To support our programs, designate your gift to Kids at Heart Cardiac Family Support.