ImPACT Evaluation for Athletes

Who should get an ImPACT evaluation?

Baseline testing is recommended for athletes who play contact sports such as football, lacrosse, soccer and basketball. It is also recommended for athletes who participate in high-impact sports like cheerleading and gymnastics. Baseline testing should be scheduled before the season starts, before a concussion occurs.

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After a concussion

If your athlete had a baseline ImPACT evaluation and has since had a head injury, call our concussion nurse coordinator at 404-785-KIDS (5437) to schedule a post-concussive test.

Schedule a baseline ImPACT concussion evaluation


Baseline testing is performed before you have a concussion.

The ImPACT evaluation requires that a child be at least 10 years old at the date of testing.

If you have an athletic team that would like to be tested at the same time, contact the following supervisors at a clinic location in your area for more information:

If your child has a concussion or you suspect he may have a concussion, call the concussion program (404) 785-KIDS (5437).

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