Medication Monitoring

Your child’s doctor may tell you that your child needs a new medicine to help with his focus, learning or behavior. But how do you know it is working? We have a service to test your child before, and a few weeks after, he takes a new medicine. We compare the two sets of tests to see if the medicine is working.


    Call 404-785-2849 to schedule an appointment. Fill out the preregistration form before your visit.


How do we test your child?

The tests are done during two visits. Most visits are about two hours. We test your child before and after starting a medicine.

Before starting, our staff will record:

  • Health and school history
  • Focus and behavior
  • Learning abilities
  • Processing skills
  • Teacher and parent rating scales

We will call you after this visit to talk about the results.

After taking the medicine for three to four weeks, your child will have another visit. We will record:

  • Focus and behavior
  • Processing skills
  • Side effects of the medicine
  • Teacher and parent rating scales

Our team will compare the results to see if your child’s medicine is helping him. We will call your child’s doctor to explain how the medicine is affecting him.

What should I bring?

Make sure you bring your child’s:

  • Prescription for testing—you child’s doctor can fax this, or you can bring it yourself.
  • Diagnosis