AccessCHOA is a free, secure, web-based electronic health record system that provides instant access to your patients’ information. You’ll get customized notifications about patient events, which can be forwarded to anyone in your practice. In addition, you can place outpatient diagnostic and rehabilitation orders and view the order status and results in accessCHOA. Learn more about what accessCHOA will do for you, including notifications of admissions, Emergency Department visits, lab and imaging results, orders and more.

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    The Look of accessCHOA Has Changed
    (April 22, 2014)

    Although the layout is noticeably different, you shouldn’t have any issues navigating through the application just as you always have. A couple of things that did change:

    • “First Access” is referred to as “Add a Patient to My List.”
    • In-basket notifications are automatically set up without the need to manually create them.

    Please contact the Solution Center at 404-785-6767 if you are experiencing any technical issues.

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    Updated: 9.62.2014

  • "AccessCHOA has been a gift to patients and pediatricians. It puts patient safety at the forefront and enables seamless, timely and efficient patient care. Our patients have to be at the center of all we do, and accessCHOA supports that mission."

    Avril Beckford, M.D.
    Wellstar Health System – Pediatric & Adolescent Center of Cobb