News about accessCHOA


The look of accessCHOA has changed!

Although the layout is noticeably different, you shouldn’t have any issues navigating through the application just as you always have. A couple things that did change, “First Access” is referred to as “Add a Patient to My List”, and In Basket Notifications are automatically set up without the need to manually create them.

Please contact the solution center at 404-785-6767 if you are experiencing any technical issues.


Get ready for some changes!

The look of accessCHOA is changing, but the functionality will stay the same. Although the layout will be noticeably different, you shouldn’t have any issues navigating through the application just as you always have. A couple things that do change, “First Access” will be referred to as “Add a Patient to My List”, and In Basket Notifications will automatically be set up without the need to manually create them. This feature will be customizable based on what messages you’d like to receive.

You can expect the new and improved accessCHOA on April 22, 2014. Please contact the solution center at 404-785-6767 if you have any questions.


accessCHOA: A Fresh Start for 2014

Beginning in January, accessCHOA will have a new utility available to help site administrators clean up their existing user list. If your practice has user logins set up for physicians, clinicians and other individuals no longer with your practice, the new utility allows site administrators to deactivate those records from the existing active user list and protect your information from unauthorized access.

When the site administrator logs into accessCHOA on or after Jan. 8:

  • A prompt will appear that will walk the administrator through a series of steps to update the user list.
  • Administrators will have eight weeks to complete the verification process, and Children’s will send a reminder before the end of February to those practices that have not completed the verification process.
  • Going forward, the accessCHOA Security team will set the utility to run every six months.

For more information, contact Jen Baesman at 404-785-7705.

Children's Opens Pediatric Radiology Center

Thursday, Nov. 14, Children’s celebrated the grand opening of a pediatric radiology center at its Children’s at Town Center location. This 9,330-square-foot radiology facility offers state-of-the-art equipment featuring low-radiation dose CT, digital X-ray, 3T MRI, ultrasound, fluoroscopy, a laboratory draw station and procedural sedation to the children of Cobb and surrounding counties.


The American College of Radiology has released Appropriateness Criteria for Pediatric Imaging to help referring physicians determine which modality (MRI, CT, etc) is most appropriate for a particular diagnosis and what the radiation risk is for that procedure.  A link to that information is provided within all radiology orders, if placing them within accessCHOA.  If you're not placing orders in accessCHOA, you can find the link on our Resources page, or by clicking ACR's Which Radiology exam should I order?

Be Aware of Lab Changes for Urgent Care Centers

Beginning Monday, June 10, Children's at North Point will begin redirecting walk-in patients seeking lab or X-ray services to the Children's at Webb Bridge Radiology Center in Alpharetta, including walk-ins for the Children's Lab, Quest and LabCorp. The change does not impact any patients seen by an urgent care physician at North Point, including those using our facture care program. Children's at Webb Bridge will offer a single registration process for lab and X-ray services and is extending its evening and weekend hours to accommodate the anticipated increase in patient volumes:

  • New Webb Bridge Lab hours:
    Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. (line draws: 7 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.)
    Saturday, 7 a.m. - 2 p.m. (no line draws)
  • New Webb Bridge Radiology hours:
    Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.
    Saturday, 7 a.m. - 2 p.m.


Trained practices now have the ability to place diagnostic and rehabilitation orders within accessCHOA.  If you’re interested in learning how to begin using this new functionality, visit our about page for more information. To register for the next mandatory training session, visit our register page.


What do I do if I search a patient in First Access and can’t find them?
Unless it is an exact match, the patient will not be found or made available. To confirm the spelling and dates, please call Children’s Health Information Services department at 404-785-0508 to get assistance with the spelling and date of birth. Have the correct name, DOB and sex on hand when you call HIS.


Patient reports available in Clinicals section
accessCHOA features patient reports to help improve and streamline processes within your practice. View the newly updated list of available reports—which includes quick references to discharge instructions, medications and other information—in the Clinicals section. Go to the "Clinicals" tab, then open a patient record, and select an encounter. You can view the available reports in the drop-down menu located to the right of the reports displayed.


Real-time updates sent to GRITS; EHR system in primary care
As of May 9, we began sending real-time updates to GRITS, the state’s online immunization registry, so you can view immunizations administered at Children’s. Prior to this change, all immunizations were sent to GRITS, but with up to a one week delay.

In addition, Children’s has extended our electronic health record system’s clinical software to the Children’s Chamblee Primary Care Center. accessCHOA users will now have the ability to view the Center’s clinical documentation, encounter progress notes, orders and other types of data for their patients.


ED and Urgent Care notes available in Chart Review section
Draft Notes from the Emergency Department and Urgent Care are now available in accessCHOA when looking at the Chart Review section, even if they are not yet filed into the chart. Keep in mind that notes from patient visits prior to March 13, 2012 are not available until they are finalized, but treatment dates after March 13 are available.


New In Basket features allow your practice to send secure messages
You now have the ability to share In Basket messages within your practice, providing a secure and internal messaging system for your patient information. Use new Forward/Reply options to communicate results and events to others within your practice. For more details, refer to the In Basket Features tip sheet within accessCHOA.


accessCHOA was recently enhanced
We have made improvements based on user feedback and suggestions.


  • New fields and sequence of Inbasket columns for both Visit and Result notificationsallows you to prioritize what you see with more fields and sorting options. Additionally, you can mass delete notifications.
  • Improved Notifications – gives you concise and more meaningful patient information with hyperlinks, so you can “click” to get more details.
  • Added MRN field to First Access tool – provides a way to search for a patient using the Medical Record Number (MRN).
  • Added Out of Contact feature – allows other users within your practice to gain access to your In Basket while you are unavailable.
  • Added Find a Doctor information updates hyperlink to the Quick Links section of the Home page – allows providers to correct or update their physician profile.


Email us to share your feedback and suggestions.