Concussion Resources for Parents

If you suspect your child has a concussion, talk to your primary care doctor. 

In case of an urgent concern or emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency department right away. 

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Pediatric Concussion Overview (3 Related Videos)

Concussion Signs and SymptomsView Concussions: Cognitive Rest and Return to SchoolView Concussions: Return to PlayView

View our guidelines on recognizing a concussion injury, recovering from it and returning to normal activity.

  • Alert Parent Spots Subtle Concussion Symptoms

    Bret was tackled by a much larger football player. He complained of a headache and sleepiness for the rest of the night and, two days later, his pupils were dilated and he was feeling nauseated.

    His mom knew the symptoms of a concussion and took him to Children's for treatment.


Educational Videos

View our online portal that provides access to videos and downloads that help explain what happens to a child or teen who suffers a concussion, and how to safely get them back to normal activities.

Our Approach

Learn more about how Children's helps to treat concussions.

Safety Tips

Keep these safety tips in mind to help prevent your child from getting a concussion.