The Children's Concussion Program

Features of Our Program

  • Clinical excellence: evidence-based treatment and 24-hour patient access
  • Active research
  • Community outreach


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Comprehensive Care

Several teams at Children's work together to treat concussion patients. This multidisciplinary approach helps make our program unique. Services include:

  • Concussions can result in vestibular disorders, which affect balance and movement. We provide rehabilitation tailored to children and teens with these disorders.
  • Alert Parent Spots Subtle Concussion Symptoms

    Bret was tackled by a much larger football player. He complained of a headache and sleepiness for the rest of the night and, two days later, his pupils were dilated and he was feeling nauseated.

    His mom knew the symptoms of a concussion and took him to Children's for treatment.


Coordinated Care

Our dedicated concussion nurse helps coordinate each child's care, and serves as a resource for health care professionals. Our team works with each child’s primary care doctor to develop the best possible plan of care. 

Call the nurse coordinator at 404-785-KIDS (5437) or 1-800-785-CHOA.