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This year, nearly 16,000 children in the U.S. will be diagnosed with cancer. Many more will struggle with the debilitating effects of sickle cell disease, the most common inherited blood disorder. In 2019, the Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Center of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta diagnosed more than 500 new cancer patients and treated nearly 2,000 children with sickle cell disease. No one treats more pediatric cancer and blood disorders patients in Georgia.

Ranked by U.S. News & World Report as a top cancer program, we are dedicated to finding new treatments and conducting cutting-edge research. But we can’t do it alone. With a limited amount of federal funding available for childhood cancer and blood disorders research, donor support is vital to our mission to push for greater advances in treating these complex conditions. Join the fight this September in recognition of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and Sickle Cell Disease Awareness Month.

Milestone moments

For patients and families fighting cancer, daring to dream about the future can be daunting. Do you remember when you graduated high school? When you moved into your first home? When you landed your dream job? Many of us take these and other milestones for granted, not thinking that some people may not get the chance to reach them.

At the Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, we want all of our patients to survive, thrive, and lead full and happy lives. We are committed to forging ahead in research, developing innovative treatments and providing top-notch specialized care to help give our patients the opportunity to experience these milestone moments in life—and many more.

At the Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, we are grateful for the community that has seen us through more than 25 years and many milestones of our own. We want to help every child with cancer reach his or her full potential—and we couldn’t do it without you. Give today.

There are many ways you can help us provide a better future for our patients. Whether fundraising on your own, donating directly or participating in events that benefit the Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, you can play a valuable role in increasing awareness and support.

Make a donation

As a not-for-profit organization, we rely on support from donors like you. Every gift—every dollar—furthers our mission to eliminate pediatric cancer and blood disorders once and for all. Your gift matters.

Give now

Support while you shop

Take advantage of the many opportunities to support the Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, and use your spending power to make a difference. Make a donation at checkout at supporting retailers.

Join Touchdowns for Children’s

Peach Bowl Touchdowns for Children’s (T4C) gives you an opportunity to support the patients at the Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Center while cheering on your favorite college football team. As a fan, you can help kids at Children’s by pledging as little as $1 for every touchdown your favorite college football team scores during the regular season.

Get in the game

Show up to show support

With numerous events held each year benefiting the Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, there are many fun and rewarding ways to lend your support. Join us at an event near you.

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Host a Facebook fundraiser

Facebook launched a tool that makes it easy for you to host your own online fundraiser. September is a great time to use this resource to raise awareness for the Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Center and share your own story. Every dollar donated benefits our patients, families and staff.

Kick off your fundraiser today