Although the ear is a small part of the body, it can have a big impact on a child’s life. When a child has hearing difficulties, it can affect the development of his communication, academic and social skills. At Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, our pediatric audiologists specialize in identifying hearing loss and designing treatment plans. They work alongside our pediatric-trained otolaryngologists (ear, nose and throat doctors, or ENTs) to provide comprehensive care to infants, children and teens.

What is audiology?

Audiology is the branch of medicine that is dedicated to the study of hearing.

What is a pediatric audiologist?

A pediatric audiologist, or hearing specialist, is a healthcare professional who works to identify, diagnose, manage and treat children with hearing loss and/or issues with balance.

  • Hearing loss services: The Hearing Loss Program at Children’s is dedicated to meeting the needs of kids with hearing loss. Our audiologists, otolaryngologists and therapists offer a full range of audiology diagnostics and treatment services, including cochlear implants, to create comprehensive care for children.
  • Speech-language evaluations: We routinely assess patients scheduled for speech-language evaluations to determine if hearing may be an underlying factor in a child’s speech and language difficulties.
  • Auditory processing evaluations: We address problems related to recognizing and interpreting sounds. A child with auditory processing disorder has difficulty with how the brain processes, or hears, auditory information. This type of disorder may cause difficulties with listening, understanding speech and following directions. It is not a result of permanent hearing loss, attention difficulties or a developmental disorder. Children must be at least 7 years old for an auditory processing evaluation.
  • Vestibular rehabilitation services: Our pediatric audiologists also provide vestibular rehabilitation services, including comprehensive evaluation and treatment, to identify and relieve symptoms of ear-related balance problems.

Why is early detection and treatment of hearing loss important?

Hearing loss in children can have a profound impact on their development. The earlier the hearing loss begins, the bigger the effect it can have on a child later in life.

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Pediatric audiologists

  • Jill Maddox, AuD, Audiology Manager
  • Darby Hightower, AuD, Audiology Clinical Supervisor
  • Deedra Alford, AuD
  • Laura Berdelman, AuD
  • Caitlin Browder, AuD
  • Amanda Cross, AuD
  • Heather Garvey, MS
  • Erin Gowen, AuD
  • Hilary Haddad, AuD
  • Florence Himelfarb, AuD
  • Erin Holman, AuD, Bone Conduction Device Lead
  • Madeline Jackson, AuD
  • Kaitlin Kramer, AuD
  • Tyler Lohman, AuD
  • Vicki Lynn, AuD
  • Sue Malkin, AuD
  • Kelly Murphy, AuD, Cochlear Implant Lead
  • Jennifer Reddaway, AuD
  • Kat Rybolt, AuD
  • Molly Starowesky, AuD
  • Lauren Stott, AuD
  • Nicole Street, AuD